Big News For Mike in March 2019! 

Mike Sixonate has been having a great year so far in 2019, but things just got a little more interesting!
Back in the summer of 2018 Mike met a couple at his show at The captains Pub in twillingate named Quenton lessard and Kelly Anderson. The couple hails from from The Lower North Shore of Quebec. While Mike was playing he told a story about two musicians from Newfoundland whom he admires and looks up to, Jim Payne, and Fergus O'Byrne. Quenton and Kelly filled Mike in on how they were friends with Jim and Fergus and had invited them the winter previous to come to their community and those surrounding to share their music. 

Several months ago Kelly got in contact with Mike to ask him if he would be interested in travelling to The Lower North Shore to share his talents along side Jim and Fergus to give workshops to students in Old Fort and St. Pauls Schools, St. Augustine School. Mecatina School, and Ecole Monseigneur. The trip will last 10 days and will also include other community based concerts and performances in La Tabatiere.



The strong roots of Newfoundland and Labrador culture are prominent along the Lower North Shore of Quebec as it is directly across from the Northen Peninsula of Newfoundland and shares a border with Labrador. 


Jim, Fergus, and Mikes music and stories can be used to educate people from the Lower North Shore in helping to find fun ways preserve their own unique culture and heritage. This initiative was just recently approved and announced, the official itinerary is not yet released. Although Mike will be travelling alongside Jim and Fergus, The programs mike is offering students will be separate of those offered by Jim and Fergus.

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More information regarding this adventure will be posted in the coming days!

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