Jamming for the Community

Mike started an acoustic jam at Split Rock Brewing in Twillingate shortly after the new year in 2019. In the 5 short weeks since the start, the jam has grown into a meeting place for lovers of music. Not only does the jam bring out several of the players in and around Twillingate, it brings out the lovers of live music to enjoy great company and light hearted music. 

The small community of Twillingate has many talented musicians who don't often get a chance to play in front of an audience, this jam session is the perfect introduction to becoming comfortable in front of others. There is no bias on skill level and everyone who wants to join in is encouraged to bring their instrument and jam along.

Mike has been a part of, as well as started many jam groups around the country and has always enjoyed seeing what it does for the confidence of budding musicians in small, rural communities. Having something like this in the community means one more reason to come check it out. With lots of world class hiking trails, beautiful accommodations open year round, amazing craft beer, and a friendly welcoming community, there are lots of reasons to come to Twillingate and jam your favourite songs with the locals. Want to Stay and Stumble? Check out this award winning Inn right across the street!


The Jam happens every Sunday afternoon at The Stage Head Pub in the heart of Twillingate. The community of supporters is growing and the jam is a place where old friends meet and new friendships are made. This is something that creates a wonderful reason to get out on a Sunday afternoon. Its an awesome place for anyone who may want to get out and start playing in public, and to learn a bunch of new songs and techniques. This jam is all about supporting the members of our community and creating one more thing to add to the list of things to do in the off season in Twillingate.

Pop by the jam every Sunday until May! 



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