Only 2 Months until "Tall Tales and Heavy Gales" hits The Captains Pub 

The evenings are getting longer and the pack ice is starting to flow around the Island of Newfoundland, It won't be long now before ice bergs amble along the Labrador current while paying visit to the beautiful town of Twillingate. Some of which you can see out the windows of The Captains Pub while Mike sings you a song and tells you a story. Mikes third season is just about to start and his new show (and upcoming album) is titled "Tall Tales and Heavy Gales".

The Anchor Inn is getting back in tip top shape for the oncoming tourist season, one that will see people from all over the world come through its doors to experience Newfoundland in an authentic way. The hotel boats a beautiful restaurant as well as pub grub downstairs. 

The islands of Twillingate are off the beaten path and boast an unmatched coastal experience that has Boat Tours, Local Craft Beer, a vast network of trails, and all kinds of great locals who are happy to strike up a conversation and share a pint.

Mike Sixonate started as the resident entertainer at The Captains Pub in the spring of 2017 and will be heading into his third season. He is set to play over 100 shows from May to September. His story telling, wit, original songwriting, arrangements of popular songs, and genuine love of performing set the atmosphere in a room where visitors feel so inspired they often take in the show multiple times during their stay.

The show has been and will continue to be free for all to enjoy who visit the town of Twillingate and is not reserved only for patrons of The Anchor Inn. The local support of the show from other business owners and accommodators is astounding and folks who see the show leave with memories of a great, original experience. 

As a professional musician and songwriter Mike has been fortunate to cross paths with Deborah Bourden and Wilma Hartmann, The owners of the hotel and the pub. They have given Mike an opportunity to blossom as a Newfoundland ambassador and have let Mike express his creativity and talents with an audience 6 nights a week. His stories and humour are a welcome break in a guests sometimes hectic travel itinerary. The people leave the show while not only having connected with the man on stage but also with other members of the audience. 

Come out and take in an experience that not only inspires people from all over the world, but people from all over Newfoundland and Labrador. Songs like Twillingate Tickle, The Great Polar Bear, Dear Johnny, and Young and Green all tell a story that inspires and evokes emotion in people young and old.


Mike will be joined by special guests through out the summer months so keep checking back to see what is happening and when! You can head to and book a room! if they are full over there you can find many other great options with a quick search on google!

Also, if you are a visitor to NL don't forget to make sure you get Screeched in and become and honorary Newfoundlander! Mike is the Screech master in Twillingate and does the screech in 6 nights a week during the intermission of his show, usually around 9:15PM






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