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Only 2 Months until "Tall Tales and Heavy Gales" hits The Captains Pub  

The evenings are getting longer and the pack ice is starting to flow around the Island of Newfoundland, It won't be long now before ice bergs amble along the Labrador current while paying visit to the beautiful town of Twillingate. Some of which you can see out the windows of The Captains Pub while Mike sings you a song and tells you a story. Mikes third season is just about to start and his new show (and upcoming album) is titled "Tall Tales and Heavy Gales".

The Anchor Inn is getting back in tip top shape…

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Big News For Mike in March 2019!  

Mike Sixonate has been having a great year so far in 2019, but things just got a little more interesting!
Back in the summer of 2018 Mike met a couple at his show at The captains Pub in twillingate named Quenton lessard and Kelly Anderson. The couple hails from from The Lower North Shore of Quebec. While Mike was playing he told a story about two musicians from Newfoundland whom he admires and looks up to, Jim Payne, and Fergus O'Byrne. Quenton and Kelly filled Mike in on how they were friends with Jim and…

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Mike Sixonate at HNL Conference 2019 

Mike was invited to kick off the Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador annual conference in Gander, NL. He warmed up the crowd at 8:30 in the morning before they started in on the weeks full schedule of tourism industry events and workshops. Some of the provinces top industry professionals travelled to gander to talk about innovative ways to continue to grow our thriving tourism industry.

The morning was a great success and Mike managed to wake the crowd of a couple hundred people by singing his beautiful…

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