Mike Sixonate - Newfoundland Canada

Mike Sixonate is a MusicNL Nominated artist. He is an explosive songwriter and entertainer from Newfoundland Canada. His music and stories have entertained thousands of fans from across Canada, The United States, Europe, and beyond. He can be found playing 6 nights a week from May to late September at The Captains Pub in Twillingate. When he isn't playing his regular gig he is travelling, working with  618 Entertainment, or writing new music at 618 Studios in Twillingate.

"As a person who chose to entertain audiences with musical, vocal and comic skills and have made a personal success of it for more than 40 years I believe I can spot a good entertainer when I witness one. I believe in Mike." - Buddy Wassisname (Kevin Blackmore) 

His live performances are energetic and lively and display his capable abilities as both an instrumentalist and singer.”

— Fergus O'Byrne 

Mike has played thousands of shows in his 10 years as an entertainer. He has been referred to as an ambassador to Newfoundland and is widely revered by his fans as a top notch story teller and songwriter. 

His dynamic guitar playing and baritone voice along with his sharp wit make for a show that has been extremely well received. Mike has played the main stage at several festivals as well as been hired to entertain for corporate functions and work shops. He is a songwriter, performer, entertainer, radio host, producer, session musician, event planner, music teacher, and all around lover of the arts.

In the fall of 2018 Mike was approached by Adventure Central Newfoundland as well as The Department of culture, tourism, industry, and innovation to speak across the province of Newfoundland as a success story in the tourism industry. He is offering municipalities around the province his mentorship on creating and maintaining valuable experiences for tourism industry professionals. His company 618 Entertainment is advocating for artists in the industry and doing what it can to ensure the steady growth of our entertainment industry alongside the tourism industry.


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